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The Big Advantages to Using a Rental Site that Allows Direct Owner Contact

December 18, 2018
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There has been a shift in the vacation rental industry and we feel it's a step backward. Big online rental companies have made rentals by owner feel impersonal by stepping in as a middleman - they don't allow renters to communicate directly with the owners/managers of vacation homes.

This is a giant oversight by these companies. How else are potential renters supposed to get a
clear picture of the property and its features? Only the owner or manager has personally spent time in the property. They can talk specifically about the available canoe, the wood burning pizza oven, the distance to the lake or convenience store, or the tricky lock on the bathroom door. Yet, to streamline their service and keep transactions moving quickly, these companies post bullet points that generically detail the property and nearby amenities while expecting the renter to feel confident in making a decision about a property they know almost nothing about!

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When you cut out direct contact between renter and owners/managers, the quality of the experience suffers for all parties involved. Vacationers with certain expectations of the property are often disappointed or surprised when they see their rental. Owners and managers have no way to properly represent the unique features of a property that make it special, without fitting it into a narrow box.

How can you properly represent or understand a vacation rental? For renters and owners/managers, the solution is simple. Go with a vacation rental website that still believes that the human connection is critical to making sure you get exactly what you want.
Go with a vacation rental website that allows you to call directly and get answers the website doesn't detail like: How late can we make noise? How close are the neighbours? Is it safe for a dog to be off-leash on the property? Everyone has details that are most important to them, and having an answer from someone who knows the property intimately is the best way to feel comfortable with your rental choice. At Tremblant.me, we value the human connection because it's the only way to ensure everyone gets exactly what they want.

Contact us today to book your getaway to Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, and prepare to feel
completely in control of your vacation!

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