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Where Cobblestone Streets Meet the Ski Steeps

September 18, 2018
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It is no secret, Mont-Tremblant is a magical mountain town with great skiing and diverse terrain.  The town is 80 miles north of Montreal and is a winter wonderland in the midst of the Laurentians mountain range.  The charming cobblestone streets lined with beautiful buildings give a similar feel as old city of Montreal.  Mont-Tremblant’s pedestrian village is close to the base of the highest mountain in the Laurentians and provides some of the best skiing in the east.

Did you know Mont-Tremblant is the second oldest ski resort in North America with an opening in 1939?  From then to now, the resort is famed as a world-class ski destination.  With over 660 acres and 96 ski trails, Mont-Tremblant offers diverse terrain that is a perfect mountain for all skier types.  Beginners will love being introduced to the sport of skiing on this forgiving mountain, while experts will test their skills on the glades locals call The Edge (on the north side).  Offering a long ski season from November until April, you will definitely want to put Mont Tremblant on your list to visit this winter.  Even if you don’t ski, the charming resort offers a variety of activities, including wonderful shops, restaurants, dog sledding, snow shoeing and some of the best spas to soak up a delightful winter get-away.


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