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Winter in Tremblant: a Place to Explore

September 19, 2018
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Even if you don't ski, it is definitely worth a visit to Mont Tremblant to explore the abundance of outdoor activities.  How does a snowshoe and fondue tour on a trek through the snowy mountain terrain sound for that perfect date night adventure?  With headlamps, the right gear and mouth-watering fondue awaiting at a toasty cabin, how could your adventure compass deny such a feat?  This culinary adventure will have you dipping sausage, broccoli, bread, cauliflower and other tasty treats into a rich cheese.  Delight your palate with a decadent chocolate fondue for dessert.  The workout from snowshoeing will have your taste buds feeling guilt-free - you have earn

ed it.  

Another noteworthy winter activity to add to your list is visiting the top of the 2,871 ft mountain for 360 views of the Laurentians.  Be sure to catch the sunrise and hit the lift at 7:45 a.m. to see the sun shining across the snow-covered mountains, looking like crystals amongst the sky.

When you are ready to get your adrenaline up, book a dog-sledding adventure.  You will learn to harness and mush a pack of beautiful huskies.  After some instructions, it is now you and the dogs about to sleigh around the snow.  The dogs are usually eager to run and get you going, so hold on tight and enjoy the thrills!  Fortunately there is a stop along the way to a log cabin where hot chocolate awaits.  You can't get too cozy because there are still a few more miles left to lead your team of dogs through the Laurentian mountains, where the beautiful white snow through forest will have you blissfully enjoying every second of the adventure.

After filling your adventure bucket, book a spa treatment and soak up the therapeutic benefits from an array of spa options.  Continue to relax and wind down the day with a stroll through the charming village where the European-influenced feel will have you popping in and out of the unique shops.  Continue wandering the cobblestone streets for your choice of spectacular restaurants.  Toast to a perfect winter get-away where the charming mountain village will quickly move up to a top vacation spot.  Be sure to check out tremblant.me for more information on lodging, activities, the mountain and beyond.


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